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The Diploma in Equine Studies requires the student to complete 6 core or required courses and 4 elective courses. Students can specialize in the equine science orientated courses or integrate a combination of business management courses into their studies. In order to obtain the Diploma in Equine Studies ten courses must be completed successfully.

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Required Courses

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Management of the Equine Environment Management of the Equine Environment Management of the Equine Environment
Equine Nutrition Equine Health & Disease Prevention Equine Behaviour
Equine Behaviour Equine Functional Anatomy Equine Health & Disease Prevention
Equine Business Finance and Risk Management Stewardship of the Equine Environment Equine Genetics
Equine Exercise Physiology Equine Growth & Development The Equine Industry
  Equine Business Management Marketing & Communication in the Equine Industry
  Equine Journalism  

Equine Nutrition

Advanced Equine Health through Nutrition
  Advanced Equine Functional Anatomy Global Perpsectives in Equine Welfare
  Advanced Equine Behaviour  

Course Descriptions


Management of the Equine Environment - Next Offering Fall 2014 - Register Now

In this course you will be introduced to many of the important aspects of running a horse-housing establishment, including barn hygiene, air quality, fencing and pasture maintenance and improvement, a safety audit and many more. This course provides practical and up to date information needed to ensure a safe and healthy environment for horses, through effective and responsible management techniques.

Detailed Course Description

Equine Nutrition - Next Offering Fall 2014 - Register Now

You know your horse needs a good solid nutritional program. His life and career depend on the building blocks that nutrition will provide as the solid foundation; but you don't need a Ph.D. to make sure your horse has a good basic diet! This course leads you through the maze of equine nutrition and gives you the practical knowledge and skills you need to develop and maintain a healthy nutritional program for your horse. The course covers the basics of nutrition, balancing rations and special populations.

Detailed Course Description

Health & Disease Prevention - Next Offering Fall 2014 - Register Now

Preventing disease and health problems should be the goal of every horse-owner. Many important topics are covered to help you maintain optimal health by developing a year-round health maintenance program. You will be introduced to common problems faced by horses, many due to management problems, and you will learn the steps to take so that you can reduce the risk for your horses.

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Functional Anatomy - Next Offering Fall 2014 - Register Now

This course examines the components of the systems that enable the horse’s athletic achievements. It is a study of the functions of those components, and the anatomical structures that fulfill those functions. Students will learn the important anatomical structures and their function, view anatomy from the form vs. function approach and understand how feeding, movement and health of the horse is dependent on its anatomy.

Detailed Course Description

Exercise Physiology - Next Offering TBA

This course introduces many of the important aspects of conditioning the equine athlete for various disciplines, including topics such as base conditioning, aerobic and anaerobic exercise and recovery, monitoring of conditioning gains and prevention of health and performance problems and more. This course provides practical and up to date information needed to ensure a safe and effective training program through applied scientific knowledge of exercise physiology.

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Growth & Development - Next Offering Fall 2014 - Register Now

NEWLY REVISED for the Fall 2014 Semester.

The future career of a horse depends on the development of a solid foundation, even before conception! This non-degree online course introduces sound management practices for the broodmare and stallion. The breeding to birth cycle of the life of the horse is covered to gain valuable insight on preventing problems and maintaining the health of the "equine family." This will be a valuable course for those involved in breeding horses, whether it is your own mare or you are helping in a broodmare establishment.

Detailed Course Description

Equine Behaviour - Next Offering Winter 2015

Handling a horse can be risky, even if you know the animal. When you handle unfamiliar horses the risks increase. While horses may not be able to speak our language, horses do have a language of their own. It is important for those caring for horses to learn the language of horses for their safe and humane care in the domestic environment.

Course topics include horse perception, learning, social hierarchies and play, communication and body care, ingestive and elimination behaviours, interaction of stallions, mares and foals, locomotion, training and handling, transporting horses and unwelcome behavious (stereotypies).

Detailed Course Description

Equine Genetics - Next Offering Winter 2015

The horse population is growing, and a basic understanding of various genetic considerations can assist the horse breeder. In addition to colour genetics, breeders should have an understanding of medical genetics; both Mendelian and Polygenic and performance traits. Aspects of genetic descriptions of breeds, along with parentage testing and pedigrees will also be investigated.

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Stewardship of the Equine Environment - Next Offering Fall 2014 - Register Now

Stewardship of the Equine Environment will provide students with an understanding of the importance of properly managing the natural environment and built facilities to optimize the health of their horses.

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Equine Business Management - Next Offering Fall 2014 - Register Now

Deciding to turn your passion into a profitable business requires planning. Starting and running an equine enterprise is unique in many ways, as the horse industry has many considerations that may not be common to other small businesses. From understanding the scope of the equine industry to writing a complete business plan, this online course helps you identify items that must be considered before you launch equine enterprise as well as guidelines for those already running an equine enterprise.

Detailed Course Description

Marketing & Communication in the Equine Industry - Next Offering Winter 2015

Marketing and communications are an essential part of a strong business plan. Marketing success involves targeting your business communications at a diverse group of audiences. Your customers, potential customers, community members, different levels of government, associations, regulatory bodies are examples of audiences you will market not only the sale of your goods and services to, but also the promotion of yourself and your business image. This course focuses on the dynamic equine industry using a variety of examples to reflect the industries diversity. Key points discussed will help you to develop effective marketing and communication strategies for your equine business.

Detailed Course Description

Equine Business Finance & Risk Management - Next Offering Summer 2015

This course examines the basic principles of financial management of a small equine business. Balance sheets, income statements and cash flow are key tools in effectively managing a successful business. In addition we will further study common risk and liability issues for business owners as well as exploring those issues unique to your equine enterprise.

Detailed Course Description

Equine Journalism - Next Offering Fall 2014 - Register Now

With over 130 horse magazines published throughout North America, many freelance writers and photographers are discovering what appears to be an untapped market. This course covers writing styles, how to write, research, editing and the steps necessary to be published, the art and science of photography, and ethics in the publishing industry.

Detailed Course Description

Equine Event Management - Next Offering Summer 2015

Event management is a growing industry and an opportunity for business owners to expand into this area as both a promotional and a business opportunity are growing. Event management considers the complexities of organizing a wide variety of equine events and will be help students develop strong planning and management skills needed to setup and oversee a horse show/sale/clinic or other event. In this course you will learn the principles of event management and the skills to develop, initiate, run and evaluate an event.

Detailed Course Description

The Equine Industry - Next Offering Winter 2015

The Equine Industry course will be developed so it will engage the learner to read, reflect and think about areas currently beyond their experiences and give time for deeper reflection on issues and topics that have had or continue to have a profound impact on the industry today and continue to have impact tomorrow. With this broader vision of the industry, students will have the opportunity to grow beyond the silos of their discipline/industry sector and will begin to consider the industry in its larger context and its role as a whole. While working in the industry, it will always be necessary to focus daily on the specific priorities of the discipline/association, but this course will help the student develop and maintain the view from 40,000 feet.

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