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Diploma in Equine Studies

Study Online - Stay at home with your horses!

The certificate and diploma programs at the University of Guelph offer a comprehensive course of study for the horse enthusiast and owner. There are 15 online courses which offer you an opportunity to explore the latest equine research and learn to apply it in a practical way to improve the health and welfare of the horses in your care. The Diploma in Equine Studies expands on our award winning Equine Science Certificate by combining both equine science and equine business courses into a course of study.

You will benefit from our online courses if you:

  • have a passion for horses and want to learn more about their health and well-being
  • own your own horse or plan to own your own horse
  • currently own a property or will be establishing or managing a horse property
  • would like to start your own equine business
  • would like to have a career in the equine industy

Online courses make it easy for you to continue your studies and stay at home with your horses.

What is the Diploma in Equine Studies?

The Diploma in Equine Studies is a continuing education program at the University of Guelph. It requires you to complete 10 online courses to achieve the diploma. Our programs are open to anyone and you may take one course or all 15 courses. The courses are offered at three times during the year September, January and May. They are faciliated by leading researchers and practitioners in the equine industry. All courses are 12 weeks in length and delivered online via the internet. You will meet and interact with students from across the world as you become part of a community who have a love of horses and a wide range of experience to share.

To be eligible to receive the Diploma in Equine Studies students must complete 10 courses. Review the complete course descriptions

Who is it for?

The program is designed for those who wish to continue with their studies but stay at home with their horses. All of the courses in the Diploma are conducted online through the internet in a distance education format by the Office of Open Learning and Equine Guelph. Distance education courses offer you flexibility in choosing when, where and how you wish to study while balancing work and family committments and caring for your horse. The Diploma will augment the resumes of those who have been in the industry for a period of time; and will provide a comprehensive starting point for those just entering it.

Students must either be at least 18 years of age, or have completed Grade 12 or equivalent in order to register for the courses. Students who have completed or are currently registered in the Equine Science Certificate program or the Certificate in Equine Business Management may opt to continue their studies in order to earn the Diploma in Equine Studies.

Benefits from completing courses and/or the diploma:

See how management decisions affect the behaviour and welfare of horses.
Do sample calculations to determine the nutritional quality of a diet.
Learn how various aspects of equine science all interrelate to provide optimal health and performance.
Understand how the structure and function of the horse allows it to perform for human use.
Be able to make informed decisions from the myriad of information available.

Cost and what do I get?

The Early Bird Tuition for each course is $495.00 CAD, (up to one month before the course start date) and Regular tuition is $549.00 CAD. The tuition fee includes course materials shipped to your door, access to a virtual classroom via the internet, faciliation by a highly qualified team of instructors from across North America and led by University of Guelph, networking opportunities with other students and your instructors, and access to guest speakers from the industry throughout the course.

What do I need in order to do this?

You will need access to the internet. Each course will require a minimum of 10 – 14 hours a week, of which about half that time will be spent online to take part in class discussions, online quizzes, reading guest speaker, instructor and student postings and submitting assignments. The rest of the time will be spent completing the learning activities, which will range from assigned readings or watching a course CD or DVD, to going to the barn to complete a hands-on activity or interviewing an equine professional. After each course is completed, you will receive a grade report. Once you have successfully completed all 10 courses, simply apply for the diploma.

How do I get started?

Review our list of courses and visit the course offering pages to find the course which interests you. We now offer 15 courses in two streams: equine science and equine business management. Courses can be taken in any order and you do have the option of participating in individual courses. Our courses are very popular and we encourage you to register early.