What are our students saying?

We've asked our students to share with you their experiences with the Equine Studies courses ... here is a sample of what they have to say.

Kim Taylor and Warner, BC

Kim Taylor and Warner

I started the courses 4 years ago when I bought a two year old QH and found out I knew nothing about horses even though I had owned one for 16 years. Every time I asked someone for an opinion on something to do with my horse, I got different answers and I was getting confused. I started searching the web and found the Guelph courses and enrolled. I have never looked back!

The information I learned doing the Horse Health Check helped tremendously when I had a horse colicing. Warner was a retired pack horse and was not prone to illness but just did not look right one day. I took his vitals as we had been taught and knew something was wrong. When I called the vet, he said it might pass but when I gave the vet the vitals, he came out right away. We were not able to save Warner but I know that he did not suffer any longer than he had to as I was able to act immediately and had the knowledge and confidence when dealing with the vet. I have a totally different relationship with my horses and my "support staff" ie: Vet and farrier.

I love the Guelph courses and tell every person I meet about how much they have helped me learn.

As for the horses they say "Thanks Guelph for making my owner such a great horse person!"....well, I am at least getting there but if Dr. Sid is right, I have another 196 years to go!

Gail Coady - Kingston, Ontario

Gail Coady

I am in the process of completing my sixth and final course before obtaining my Equine Science Certificate. Since childhood I had always dreamed of owning a horse but really lacked the 'knowledge' as to what's involved, and there is much to know and learn.The program has educated me in ways that I never thought possible. I've been able to apply what I've learnt to everyday dealings with my new horse an 8 year old TB off the track named 'Kingsley’.

What makes this program so unique?
Your fellow peers are from around the globe and you are able to learn from each other. The professors provide their knowledge and guidance and that's what makes this course so valuable. Another great benefit of online education is its flexibility.

Take the challenge! The horse or horses in your life will thank you for it!

Stacey Markle and Coal, Ontario

Stacey Markle and Coal

Equine Guelph has been the most rewarding thing I've done for both myself and my horse, Coal. I've learned things over the various courses that would have taken a lifetime to learn without them. I feel confident going forward in an Equine career, knowing that I have the knowledge to make the right decisions for the horses around me.

Thank you Equine Guelph!

Jess Gillespie, Ontario

Jessica Gillespie

I originally started taking the courses in order to make my resume look better, but as I've continued into my 4th course, I'm finding the entire experience very rewarding. Not only does having a diploma in Equine Sciences sound good, but I feel better prepared for anything in the equine industry with my new knowledge.

Thanks to all of the patient teachers, vets and professionals who have made this possible!

Christine Pohlkamp, Ontario

Chris Pohlkamp and Cloud

When I took MEE I was in the process of building my barn. I asked my farrier and vet for their requirements and made the barn a place that they can conduct their trade without any problems. People often comment on the light and air quality in the barn. I took the G&D while breeding my mare. I learned enough in that course to be comfortable with the whole procedure. I use the nutrition information on a daily basis as I have a SR horse on site. He came to me as a rescue and with an extremely deep fistula on his withers. The behaviour course was amazing, it really helped cement my knowledge around behaviours of the herd and what I need to do to work within the herd. All the course have given me knowledge to help me with my equine herd of 3 mares, 3 geldings and a jenny. The courses I have taken result in my Vet stating on more that one occasion that he knows if I call, it is serious and that I have done everything I can from here.

Kathryn Minor

Kathryn and Bucky

I am in my 60s and retired. I have always wanted to learn more about horses and these courses are fun, informative and user friendly. I would encourage all older riders out there to sign up for one or more. They are addictive, like eating peanuts you just can't stop at one. You will meet a lot of like minded students, gain a wealth of knowledge and get a lot of support in learning computer skills.

Amy Woodward

Amy Woodward

Equine Behavior is my first course on-line with U Guelph and I am amazed at how much I've learned in such a short amount of time due to the amazing presentation of material and our inspiring instructor, Dr. Sid. He shares so much of his knowledge of the best equine care while urging us to never stop thinking, learning, or questioning how to be the best possible caregivers/riders of this intelligent companion animal we all share a deep respect and love for.

Sharron McClelland

Sharron McClelland

My name is Sharron McClelland and I have just completed the Equine Certificate course in Aug.2009. The courses have provided me with many new insights into both my horses and myself. It had been many decades since I was last in school and the challenge from the instructors to critically think about a given scenario, to research out science based facts and to push myself past where I thought I could go proved to be a very rewarding adventure.
Since taking the courses I have changed many things at my farm including how and when I feed, how and when I train, fencing and although our horses were checked regularly before they now have a complete "health check" every day and baseline information about them is recorded. My horses are healthier, look better and are performing much better and I now have the confidence to make critical decisions and recognize when to call a veterinarian and what to do until he gets there. On a personal level these courses have made a difference in my self esteem by providing an opportunity to do something for myself that required me to use some skills that I thought were long gone. I feel more confident in conversing with my veterinarian, am able to ask questions of him and I have a better understanding of my four legged friends and their needs. I have learned a great deal from my peers in the courses and remain in contact with several and have developed a great network of people who I can share information with and gain knowledge from any time we need to.

This has been a very worthwhile endeavour for me and that is why I will start the first of four courses in Sept so I can obtain the Equine Science Diploma. I look forward to continuing my adventure.